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It’s a wise decision to optimize the site according to the visitor’s preferences and for that you should know about their behavior i.e. how they use your site, which pages they visit often, how much time they spent on your site or particular page/s.

This study of user behavior is called Web Analytics. Once you get the report of such study you can modify or enhance your site features as per your visitors need and can retain them for long. And thus get the utmost benefit from your site.

We follow an intensive and careful Web Analytics process to make your site more users friendly and effective which is as follows:

Software Configuration
In case you don’t have web analytics software or you don’t know how to select the better one we help you to find one for you. We also configure your existing software so that you could get timely and accurate reports.

we ensure you get the accurate data collected by web analytics software. That is why we filter it properly before presenting it to you by auditing unwanted visits or hits, duplicate visits etc.

Dashboard Creation
We specialize in creating good-looking and comprehensive dashboards that present simple, easy-to-read reports and summarize all the relevant statistics from your website, be it downloaded from the web analytics software or custom-made for you.

Traffic Report and Analysis
Web Analytics is all about reporting. We provide regular reports with all the relevant information as per your requirements.

Website Optimization
we understand it very well that there is no use of the web analytics report if you don’t optimize the site on its basis. That is why we provide the service of implementing the changes according to the reports and measure again these if they are effective enough. Contact us for this advanced technology to make your site better.